The Alley: Start Modelling

10/01/2021 | The Alley

Today, I started with making the 3D-model in SketchUp. I start with a very abstract scene and bring in more details as I go further in the process. Also, I decide about and save the scenes I want to render later, so I can get back to the scene to see if everything is working out.

I will work with very simple materials. They will have a little bit of texture, but not too much since I am going to use Photoshop for post-processing too. I will use mainly brick, wood, glass, and metal with some color variations.

This is my first experience with combining 3D-modelling with Photoshop and Photography to create a scene. So it is very exciting and I really hope the end result turns out to be good. I have used SketchUp with rendering before, and sometimes the renders look flat and fake. My goal is to make it very realistic. I have to find a good time-result balance since you can go crazy with your 3D model in terms of detail and complexity. But this will take a lot of modeling time and render time, and maybe the same can be achieved with a little effort in Photoshop. So, this project will be both an experience and a learning project for me. Below you can find a screenshot of the model.

Screenshot of the 3D-model

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