The Alley: 3D progress #2

27/01/2021 | The Alley

Today, another update of the development of the 3D-model of the project The Alley. Most of the buildings have their basic construction and I have added some props in the scene, like a carriage, crates, and a tree. I like the composition, but the level of detail is still not good enough. I do not know yet how detailed the model must be and which details I can better add in Photoshop. But that is part of the process for this project 🙂

The model must give an accurate representation of the objects with their reflections and shadows. So everything that emits light or casts shadows must be included in the model. I however do not like how the leaves and water are rendered, so I may add that in Photoshop for a more realistic finish.

I will now start working on the finer details and adding more props to the scene. Maybe I will experiment a little bit with some photoshop editing. Stay tuned for more progress updates 🙂

Progress of the 3D model

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