The Alley: 3D progress #1

11/01/2021 | The Alley

The Alley is a scene of a street, inspired by the Victorian/Industrial Era. At the moment, I am busy making the 3D model. I don’t want it to be a long straight street with the same houses, but a little bit more like it grew naturally. Buildings that are very old, buildings that are newer or renovated. I want to add both houses and shops and want the difference between rich and poor to be visible.

In the image below you can see the progress of the 3D model so far. It is not very detailed yet and I am still deciding about the composition of the buildings. Some of the buildings are still just blocks :). I do like the house/shop in the middle with the wood paneling. That is exactly the vibe I want in the buildings. I however still don’t like the factory next to it. I may add things like scaffolding in front of it, so it looks more cohesive with the rest of the model.

Currently, I am working on the little shop with the round bay window at the right. I don’t know yet what they are going to sell or what the name of the shop will be. Maybe you can give ideas?

Progress of the 3D model

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