The Aglisian Room

Status: In progress

The Aglisian Room is a photomanipulation project consisting of multiple scenes that are part of one big painting. The scene depicts a frozen fragment in time of the daily life of the characters. But as you look closely you can get a glimpse of what is happening inside their lives. The scene is about the daily life in various classes of society, such as the nobility and the working class. All characters have their own story and try to portray this by facial expressions, gestures and body language.

The scene consists of various photo’s from license-free stock website, my own photo’s and stuff I painted myself. I will give you a glimpse in the process of making the painting by posting progress updates. Also, I will keep a list of the resources I have used for this project.

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10 % done!


When I start a big painting like this, I spend quite a lot of time searching for the right photos for the background. The background is very important since the characters are going to interact with it and it needs to fit the ambiance of the final painting. For the background of the Aglisian Room I used two main pictures. One is a stock photo from an office/restaurant and the other from a ruinous building.

I really liked the table and the sofa from the first stock image. A very important part of the Aglisian Room is the Table Scene, where people are talking to each other while dining. The second image has beautiful arches and it almost fits the perspective of the first stock. Still, I need to adapt the point-of-depth, but the two stock images fit nicely with each other.

Besides the table scene, I want to add a kitchen scene where people are working on preparing the dinner (which will be served to the people sitting on the table). I found a nice stock picture of an old stove and a dining room, which fits perfectly with the other stock images.

Below you can find the (still very fake looking) progress of the Aglisian Room until now. Besides the stock of the office, the ruïne, and the kitchen I added a wooden floor in the main room and a stone floor for the kitchen. Next time I will work on refining the background and adding images behind the windows and doors.