Terms of Use

On this website you can find a collection of resources, such as stock images, presets and 3D models, and tutorials. On this page the terms that are applied to use these resources and tutorials are explained.

Free resources

In the Resource Database you can find a collection of free-to-use resources. These resources fall under the CC BY License, meaning you can use these resources both commercially as non-commercially, as long as you credit me for the original creation. You can do this by simply stating my name: Zev Chafer OR Vincent Jongman on the artwork or in the caption/description of the artwork. It would be great if you can also refer to my website (www.zevchafer.com) or social media accounts.

Premium Resources

In the Resource Database you can find a collection of premium resources. These resources require a small fee. When purchased, you can use the resources both commercially and non-commercially without attribution.


On this website you can find tutorials about Photography, Photo-bashing, Digital painting, 3D modelling and rendering. These tutorials are free to use to improve your skills. It is not allowed to copy-paste this tutorial to create your own tutorial. It is however allowed to quote me, as long as you give attribution or credit.

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