Ayrngaer is a story- and worldbuilding project consisting of a 3D modelled world, maps, digital art and short stories/poetry. The foundations of this world where developed since I was a small child and the world growth ever since. Recently, I started to go through all my notes and drawings with the goal to combine everything and make a fictional world based on my childhood stories and dreams. On this page you can follow the development through blog posts, artwork and short stories/poetry.


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Ayrngaer: Demography Update

May 27, 2023

Hello everyone. Today I have updated the Demography portal. It is now split into three categories: People, Families and Pets. Soon the last category "Cultures" will also be added. Besides this, it is now possible to go to other families inside the family tree. Click here to see an example of the Silbers family, where it is now possible to click to another family in the tree.

Ayrngaer: New Map functionality

April 27, 2023

Hello there! I'm excited to share that I've completed the initial version of the map feature for my world-building project. This allows me to design interactive maps that feature locations, stories, and individuals. I've also begun working on a detailed map of Kilden, starting with the Vöhren district. You're welcome to take a look at the map, which is still a work in progress. Click here to see the first map.

Ayrngaer: The start of a new era

April 3, 2023

For a very long time, I worked on a world-building project. It has known many names and has existed in multiple forms of media, like stories, poetry, artwork and music. Yet, the project never took off until now. Today I have finished the first draft of the online portal of this project. It is far from finished, but that is okay. I envision this to be a "slow" project I can work on when I see fit and have inspiration. Still, I have huge ambitions like publishing short stories and movies. Time will tell if this project gets off the ground, but we'll see. If you are curious, feel free to wander around.

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