How to quickly add a Matte effect in Photoshop

01/04/2021 | Wiki

Personally, I use the matte effect a lot to create soft shadows and balance out contrast for a vintage, dreamy look. You see this effect often in still lifes, portraits, and travel photos. This article explains how to create a quick Matte effect in Photoshop in two steps. It’s very easy!

The matte effect is mostly suitable for photos with a lot of contrast or blacked-out areas (for example Clair Obscur). Of course, it can be used in other pictures as well, but the effect will be less dramatic. Follow the steps below to create the matte effect:

  • STEP 1: Go to “Adjustments” and click on “Exposure
    If this tab is not visible for you, you can add it by going to “Window >> Adjustments”. A new Exposure Layer will be created on top of your photo.
Image 1. Exposure
  • STEP 2: Move the “Offset” slider to the right to increase the matte effect. I personally like to click in the numeric field and use the scroll wheel of my mouse to slowly increase the effect.
Image 2. Offset slider

And that’s it. You can just adjust the slider until you are happy with the end result. Here are some examples of edits where I used the matte effect:

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