The plan of travel

August 15, 2022


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In 2019 I went on my first small trip through Europe by train. I bought an Interrail pass, which allowed me to go to several cities in Europe, without paying too much and without having to fly (personally I don't like flying because of the climate impact, the hassle at airports and the jet lack). Also, it gave me the freedom to go where I want, when I want to, without having fixed plans for the destination. I liked this so much that I decided to do this again in 2020. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, it was not possible to travel. Also in 2021, the possibilities were grim. After the COVID-19 situation got better I decided that 2022 is the time for my next trip through Europe.

So, a few weeks ago I bought an Interrail pass, which allows me to travel for seven days, allowing me to visit 4-7 destinations in Europe. Like my trip in 2019, I do not have a fixed plan as I want to go where to fun (and sun) is. This time will however be a little bit more challenging since I travel in September when the trains are still quite full and there is a chance that I cannot book the reservations for the train I want. But this is part of the Interrail experience :)

While I don't have a fixed plan (how anticlimactic, since the title of this blog is clearly "The plan of travel), I do have an idea of the cities I can visit during my trip. These are:

Where I will end up, only time will see. And you by reading the rest of this blog...

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