April 1, 2022


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In this blog post, I want to explain to you why this world is called Áyrngáer. The name is a combination of two "Litran" words "Áyrn" and "Gáer". Litran is the name of a fictional language I developed a long time ago. I started developing this language when I was very young, I think about twelve or thirteen years old. But it wasn't until my late teen years (approximately seventeen or eighteen) that I started to write the rules down and make a dictionary. I think I will make a separate blog post where I tell you everything about "Litran" because it is too much to share with you now.

The words "Áyrn" and "Gáer" literally mean "story" and "field". So the name of this world "Áyrngáer" means "Fields of Stories". As I explained in my former blog post, the world can only exist if there is somebody to think about it. It needs stories to materialize. So with every blog post, I write and every word you read the world becomes a little bit more real :)

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