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The restoration of the Baptistery of Lutheria has begun


The restoration of the Baptistery of Lutheria has begun

The restoration of the Baptistery of Lutheria has begun
January 1, 1868
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The much-awaited renovation of the Baptistery at the Green Chapel Church, located in the historic city of Lutheria, has recently begun. This iconic structure, which dates back to the 13th century, is the oldest section of the church and has been in dire need of attention for quite some time now. The walls and ceiling of the Baptistery have developed cracks, which require immediate repair, and the mosaic floor has broken tiles that need to be replaced. Furthermore, some of the windows are showing signs of ageing and require restoration.

Thankfully, no structural issues have been detected that could pose a threat to the building's integrity. However, due to the specialized knowledge required for masonry work and the high historical significance of the structure, the renovation is expected to take approximately three years to complete.

It is worth noting that the Baptistery has undergone several transformations over the centuries. Originally constructed as a chapel between 1210 and 1320, it was later given its current function in the 18th century. The Green Chapel Church, as it is now known, derives its name from this iconic structure. Despite having survived several fires, acts of vandalism, and a period of neglect, the Baptistery remains the most valuable piece of historic architecture in Lutheria. Its restoration will undoubtedly enhance the city's cultural heritage and preserve its historical significance for future generations to come.